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There may be plenty of things that are getting in your way. You want to feel better, have more energy, have better focus, lose weight, and know that you are doing something very positive for yourself. Often it seems that the options either take too much time, may be expensive, or aren’t “enjoyable.”

“Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don’t Think So!” brings a whole new perspective to the problem of losing weight and getting more exercise. It explains why it can be so hard and so confusing to do something that we know is good for us. If you have been told by your doctor to make these changes for your health, or even if you have come to this conclusion yourself, this book offers an easy-to-understand solution to the whole mess of diet and exercise.

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If your curiosity is getting to you, you can download the introduction and first chapter for free. These chapters will give you an idea of things to come! Kristen


    Kristen Arms You with the All-Important How

    As a primary care doctor, I spend a lot of time advising my patients on WHAT to change in order to get healthy.  Kristen Carter’s book arms patients with the all-important HOW.  By helping people understand the psychological hurdles to achieving meaningful change, this easy-to-read book helps them translate knowledge into action. A valuable read for patients who have struggled to adopt the healthy habits they need.

    Give Yourself the Gift of Time

    This is a common sense and easy to read approach to what it really takes to make some changes for your health. It’s very difficult to switch from our beloved habits without the knowledge that Kristen gives us in this book. It makes sense to make small steps toward a new you! Rejoicing in each accomplishment helps, and giving yourself the gift of months, not weeks, is so important. Kristen has written an effective, well-researched guide to give many of us an accessible new approach.

    Kristen Gives Us the Tools

    Kristen Carter gets right to the point in this easy to read and relatable book. She helps us understand why it can be so hard and so confusing to do something that we know is good for us. She gives us the tools to cultivate healthy habits.

    A Very Manageable Game Plan

    This book taught me that gradually making several changes to your mindset about diet and exercise can make a significant impact on your health.  The book immediately makes you feel comfortable with the tasks being asked of you and is a very manageable game plan without any fad diets required.

    A Unique, Easy To Understand Solution

    Kristen Carter has created a tour-de-force of habit change when it comes to our health.  She spells out how many of us have been led down the wrong path by media, fitness images, marketing, and the food industry.  She offers a unique, easy to understand, solution to the whole mess of diet and exercise.

    The Right Plan To Get It Done

    Kristen has created a logical, research-based plan for making the health changes that we know we “should” be doing but somehow find so difficult.  It explains why this can be such a challenge, and gives us the right plan to get it done.  A very hopeful, thought-provoking, and encouraging book that can change your life for the better.

    Click on your favorite book store to get your copy today!