Your #1 Block to Eating Right and Exercising More


This report tells you one of the reasons why you may have found it difficult to reach your eating and exercise goals in the past.  It is by no means the only answer, but it does highlight a tendency you have that can work against you.

Your Personal Assessment

We have identified 5 common areas where people may struggle to find a clear path to the changes they want to make.  Many of us can succumb to these pitfalls and find it difficult to overcome them.  We call them “blocks” that can get in the way of achieving eating and exercise goals.

We support exploring some common thinking, attitudes, or automatic behaviors that can get in the way of spending your precious time to make the changes you want.

Here is what your assessment tells us:

You tend to be a Perfectionist.

What that means is that often you think you have to complete your exercise plans to the letter or it is not worth doing.  Or, you are all in on your eating plan.  If you have not followed it, you have cheated or blown it.   

For example, you have decided to get 30 minutes of exercise at the gym most days of the week.  Then one day you don’t have time for 30 minutes, plus travel, changing clothes, and so on.  So, you give exercise a pass that day. 

If blowing it, cheating, or giving exercise a pass happens too often, you may suddenly realize you are off your diet, and have moved on from your plans to exercise.  You may even blame the diet you were on for not suiting you, and look around for another one.  You may think you don’t really like to exercise anyway. 

Unfortunately, the consequences of this mindset can go on for years.  It may even lead to yo-yo dieting.  Or, you can bypass many alternative ways to get exercise because you are focused on one option. 

Like so many of us, you started out with great ideas and goals for a healthier life that fizzled.  The good news is…there is another way to reach your goals.  There are some practical and achievable steps to get past this block. 

In fact, there are 5 key areas where you can easily “re-wire” your thinking so that you approach reaching your goals differently.  In the end, you have a completely different strategy to use, one that helps you conquer what has caused you to slip in the past.  One that keeps you moving forward, using new mental and practical skills. 

How To “Re-Wire Your” Thinking

1. Understanding the truth about habit change.  It can take much longer to change habits than we have been told (hint: it’s not just 21 days).  It’s also quite complicated to change several habits at once!  We can easily slip back in to what feels comfortable and familiar.    

2. Considering how you make decisions.  This may seem like a funny thing to think about, but it is essential.  At the most basic level, we need to focus on WHY we want to make a change. It needs to be something that you value, that is important to you.  No one else can tell you what that is. 

3. Think about what hasn’t worked for you in the past. Once you check that out, you can kick that to the curb and move forward differently. 

4. Defining the skills you are going to need.  We are not talking about willpower.  It is more practical than that.  Managing your time, learning about nutrition and getting efficient at healthy eating, and discovering what exercise will work for you are all key components. 

5. Focusing on making small habit changes, one at a time. In addition, YOU are the one who chooses which change to make, and when.  Then you practice that change, getting used to it, making space for it in your life. Always with your eye on the goal, but celebrating each win along the way.    

How can you make this happen? 

My book, The End of Try Try Again, and the accompanying Action Workbook walk you through all five of those key areas and more.  The End of Try Try Again gives you a brand-new way of making your goals a reality.  The Action Workbook takes it a step further and guides you all along the way to a new path…one where you decide what is going to work for you each week. 

You will be able to move forward with the tools you need to approach eating and exercise differently.  You can bust through the things that may be causing you to feel stuck before you even start. Check out my books below!


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