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Kristen Carter, MS

I am the creator of Design for Fitness and have been working in fitness and nutrition for over 30 years. I re-examine the tools we have been using to lead healthier lives by taking a fresh look at some of the challenges we face. Obstacles such as images created by the fitness industry, commercialism in gyms, pressure from those selling the latest fad, body/brain chemistry, human nature, fast food, and our own busy lives and current lifestyles.

My passion is helping people become healthier, more energetic, and able to move better by making fitness and nutrition a regular and accessible part of their lives.

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Health and Human Nature Blog

Resistance to changing our health habits is rampant.  But, there is a reason for that!  We are not lazy, morally deficient, or lacking in willpower.  The truth is, it is human nature to resist!

My blogs explain why, and offer solutions that are not loaded with “shoulds.”  Solutions can be found by finding your own awareness of what is behind the choices you make.  Awareness can bring you new, useful, insights into what may have been derailing you in the past, and give you creative ways to approach your health goals that really work.

A few sample posts are below. See all my posts here.

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The End of Try Try Again – interview with Author Kristen Carter, MS

Join Ellen Csepe, DPT, as she discusses Kristen Carter’s new book The End of Try Try Again – Overcome Your weight Loss and Exercise Struggles for Good. They discuss how this could be helpful conversation and discussion for patient care and behavior change.


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Work & Media Experience

Kristen Carter, MS, is the creator of Design for Fitness LLC and has been working in fitness and nutrition for over 30 years. She is the author of The End of Try Try Again, and Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don’t Think So! Kristen is a public speaker, creator of the popular Design for Fitness Health & Fitness Blog, and the Psychology Today Health and Human Nature blog.

Media: Kristen has been on national podcasts, live radio, and You Tube interviews. She is a regular blogger for Psychology Today.

Education: BA in Biology.  MS in Exercise Physiology.

Certifications: Precision Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Lifestyle Management and Weight Control, Health Coach, and Titleist Golf Fitness Instructor.

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