The End of Try try Again


Forget the idea that you have to sign on to a restrictive diet or rigorous exercise plan in order to lose some weight and feel more energetic.  Discover how you can choose an acceptable lifestyle that balances desire with health.  Find a way that allows YOU to be in control of your choices, and discover solutions that fit into YOUR life.    
The End of Try Try Again starts with understanding how we form habits and why they can be so difficult to break.  This book explains how our brains and bodies work so that we can work with them, not against them. 
The End of Try Try Again shows you why some of our attitudes and beliefs don’t serve us, and gives us access to a whole new way of thinking about diet and exercise. 
Trying to follow a prescribed diet or exercise program often leads to resistance and rebellion!   
The OLD messages can lead to such thoughts as:
“This diet will help me stay motivated because it will produce quick results.”
“I guess last time I tried, I just wasn’t motivated enough.”
“I have to exercise hard to get the pounds off.”
“Once I get started, I will figure out how far I want to go with this.” 
Unfortunately, we can get caught in a loop that doesn’t show us the way out. 
Based on extensive research, this book explains why making big changes to how we eat and exercise is complicated.  Using the science of motivation, it lays out how to find deep motivation based on personal values, not passing fads. It then presents a clear, inspirational formula that is simple but can lead to life-changing results.