The End of Try try Again


Carter genuinely surprised me.
This isn’t a diet; it is a lifestyle adjustment that happens in a way that feels organic and more like a natural progression toward overcoming the struggle instead of band-aiding it. I can see this book applying to many facets of life beyond nutrition and exercise and believe other readers will feel the same. Asher Syed, Readers’ Favorite®

Kristen arms you with the all-important how.
As a primary care doctor, I spend a lot of time advising my patients on WHAT to change in order to get healthy.  Kristen Carter’s book arms patients with the all-important HOW.  By helping people understand the psychological hurdles to achieving meaningful change, this easy-to-read book helps them translate knowledge into action. A valuable read for patients who have struggled to adopt the healthy habits they need. Jared Davis, MD

Build healthy habits that stick.
The End of Try Try Again honors the uniqueness of every reader who wants to improve eating and exercise habits. She shows how to avoid the guilt and shame that are very poor motivators of change. Short and easy to read, this book has many nuggets that are worth revisiting over and over. Kathryn Britton, Author of Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person’s Guide to Health and Optimal Performance

Success finally seems doable!
Yeah, most of us can lose weight…we do it over and over and over… However, this book holds the key to permanent success, and I am hopeful and will share it with all of my friends and family. This book is well-written, easy to follow and implement change! Dorothy Holtermann, Author of Love Food That Loves You Back

Yes! A Straightforward Approach to Wellness.
In this book, the author distills her extensive knowledge in the areas of wellness, fitness, and healthy eating into simple, easy-to-implement steps. The conversational writing style of this author makes it an easy read while delivering a powerful impact! Jill Burgett, DMA

Achievable goals.
Kristen’s book is a roadmap to better health through small attainable goals. I especially like her suggestions for exercise as I have limited mobility, but despite these limitations, she has outlined ways I can make a significant improvement in my overall health. Developing new habits means we have to know ourselves better; her questions help guide the reader to a better understanding of what holds them back and what will motivate lasting change. Very practical and helpful. Katherine Kendall, MLS