The End of Try try Again

Behind the Book

The End of Try Try Again was written to reach out to the many people who have tried again and again to incorporate the healthy habits of regular exercise and eating nutritious foods that help to maintain weight.  Throughout my 30 years as a trainer and lifestyle coach, I would have to say that most people that I have encountered struggle with this very issue.  Research shows that there are millions of people who are in the same boat.  My experience and the research show that many people choose a path toward a solution that does not work, but they try, try, again.

Our bodies and minds are complex, and so a solution that is really going to make a difference needs to take that into account.  I wanted to address the nature of the complexity upfront in this book so that people are under no illusions about it.  Once that was established, the way forward was to break the solution down into manageable bits, and offer guidance as to how to tackle each piece and in what order.

This is sort of a “myth-busting” approach, followed by presenting a different way to attack the problem that does not overwhelm or frustrate.  As such, it really is about adjusting a mindset that may have been getting in the way.

I also did not want to make it long and involved.  I have read many self-help books in this area.  Many of them offer the same type of program that I do, but in a more drawn-out way.  There is a lot of detail, which may be a good thing, but I wanted to get the message across more quickly so that people do not have to read 200-300 pages that may still leave them wondering HOW to proceed.  I also wanted to relate the solution to each individual life, give them options, and guide them to make their own choices based on what fits for them.  Research shows again and again that developing autonomy over a person’s actions can create lasting changes.  This does not happen when following a diet.

Finally, I really wrote this book to satisfy my soul. After working in the field and reading lots of books and research, I wanted to have my say!  I know that there are lots of programs out there that actually lead people astray, as evidenced by how many people remain frustrated with their efforts.  I feel that it is important to consider psychology, neurobiology, physiology, general behavior tendencies, and how our bodies work.  These are all part of being human.  We are much better off if we can start to understand what makes us tick.  Once that happens, that understanding can help us work with those systems in order to reach our goals.

I hope you enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

All the best

Kristen Carter, MS