The End of Try Try Again – Action WORKBOOK


Great Action Follow-up To “The End of Try, Try Again”
Kristen Carter’s “The End of Try, Try Again” really enlightened me on many healthful practices, especially the importance of protein and exercise. As a result, I really looked forward to reading her follow up Workbook. The Workbook will make you more aware of your habits, choices and how to change them for the better one simple step at a time. I found chapter 10 (Starting With Awareness) really helped me to start making the changes I knew I needed. Of great help was the Mediterranean food list which I taped to my refrigerator. The list reminds me of what foods I should and shouldn’t have and why I doing this. Kristen also has a terrific appendix that illustrates food sources and their associated protein levels. Don’t miss your chance to work on yourself (for the better!) with the Workbook. Andy, Amazon Customer

How to change eating and exercise behaviors for the better!
Kristen has written a concise, thorough workbook about how to change eating and exercise behaviors for the better. She recognizes the complexity and the inherent difficulties, but slices through them all with week-by-week action items that are doable and will be sure to resonate with each person. I have started taking advantage of her guidance, and have already had successes changing some of my more intractable habits. But she doesn’t stop there! Her approach is reasoned out, and it makes perfect sense. I have definitely changed my viewpoint and approach because of her. I feel that going forward, this is something that will stick with me. Carie, Amazon Customer

Great for patients!
As a healthcare worker, I feel pressed for time when I discuss weight management with patients. This is a GREAT tool that I would gladly recommend to others! Kristen Carter is so thoughtful and I LOVED the workbooks and the pragmatic steps to help others establish their path in their journey. Ellen Csepe

Concise, Realistic Approach to Healthy Eating and Exercise.
Some workbooks are just empty pages with lots of questions. This one is different: it educates you on the highest-impact changes you can make to both eating and exercise in order to live a healthier life. I like the focus on one action a week and how the cumulative effect of multiple weeks’ changes will lead to sustainable change. This workbook can help everyone through the process of changing to better habits of eating and exercise. Tom Scott

This workbook nails it!
This workbook keeps things so simple and so straightforward. It cuts through all the nonsense and confusing messages out there. The action plans are so easy to follow and can be used over and over again to have lasting results in eating healthier and exercising more over time. I love how the changes are gradual and Kristen really makes you think about eating habits and how they can affect us without us even being aware of it. I love it!  Kim Richards

Follow the helpful work book.
I liked the common sense of the entire workbook. It’s simple to use and I have already lost 12+ pounds and counting for many more. I like living the recommended steps and already feel I have more energy. It is slowly changing my mindset as I use it daily. So encouraged to keep losing the weight and how easy it is to do so. I needed a real change in my eating habits and lifestyle. I am very pleased to have purchased this workbook. Peter, Amazon Customer