The End of Try Try Again – ACTION WORKBOOK

Behind The Workbook

It was always my intention to include a workbook that accompanies The End of Try Try Again.  It is in keeping with my mission to give people the all-important HOW to get going and keep going on the journey. 

With The End of Try Try Again, you have an outline for a new approach.  The Action Workbook takes it further, into what is going on in YOUR life, and what you are thinking and feeling NOW.  It is a way to make the whole process more personal. 

In my own life, I have known that when someone asks me the right question at the right time, discovery and growth happens.  I have learned and grown from just reading, but having to answer questions always stimulates me in a different way.  In some cases, answering questions has spurned me to take an action that I may not have considered. 

And so, I wanted to provide you with concepts AND questions for you to answer as you explore those concepts.  This gives you a chance to interact with the material, use your own thoughts, and make it all about you and your needs. 

Kristen Carter, MS