The End of Try Try Again – ACTION WORKBOOK

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You can stop wondering why you have not succeeded at trying to lose weight and exercise more.  We are surrounded by the wrong messages and are led down a path to alleged solutions that are not sustainable. 

Why would you continue to follow a program that asks you to white-knuckle your way through it in the hopes that you will start to like your new habits and behaviors? 

The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook turns that approach on its head and spells out a different approach to diet and exercise that will stay with you forever.  This approach follows on from the basic principles laid out in Kristen’s book, The End of Try Try Again.  Both books are based on body/brain science and her extensive experience working with clients. 

The Action Workbook is just that.  It provides a clear, concise, progressive action plan that empowers you to make specific small changes over time.  Using her expert guidance, you chose each change for yourself.  The end result is a series of changes that will finally get you to the diet and exercise goals that may eluded you in the past. 

You will develop a deep understanding of why any previous efforts have not worked, and shows you how to change that around by following the steps provided.  It provides a series of tangible successes that you can be proud of and that keep you motivated to continue. 

It is not based on another “diet” or set of advice, but rather sets you up to take the right actions, in the right order, and with the right approach so that you will finally reach your weight loss and exercise goals.  In the end, you become a healthier version of yourself…for good.

Kristen Carter, MS