Top Blogs for 2021
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Top Blogs of 2021

This past year has been a tough one, upending many of our lives and habits.  We have had to cope with lots of changes, lots of anxiety, and have had to come up with creative ways to keep our heads above water.  Along the way, perhaps we were buoyed up by thinking that “this too shall pass.”

But even as we take some steps toward normalcy, it appears that we are still facing multiple challenges because of the pandemic.     

And yet, we can still focus on some of the classic principles that keep us healthy.  As this year comes to a close, here are the top 4 blogs of 2021.

Last but not least, because the new year is approaching, and some of us may be thinking of starting another diet, I am including a recent popular blog called “How to Overcome Past Dieting Failures.”  Before you start another diet, read this!

Top Blogs

1. Truth or Consequences:  Is Your Back Curved or Straight?
I think most of us go through our days without paying much attention to how much curve we have in our low backs.  And, over the years there has been some confusing information given out that can leave us wondering…are we supposed to flatten our backs or not?

2. Is It Worth Investing in Ankle (or Wrist) Weights?
What are ankle (or wrist) weights good for, and what are they NOT good for? 

3. Does Your Inner Thigh Jiggle? 
It’s not just about whether or not they jiggle.  As you attempt to stop the jiggle, find out what they do for us to support our health and well-being. 

4. Are You Getting Your Muscles to Multi-Task? 
There are times when you may want to pay attention to one muscle at a time.  But there are times when there is a distinct advantage to muscle multi-tasking. 

5. How to Overcome Past Dieting Failures
As we know, almost all dieting efforts fail.  After some initial weight loss, willpower starts to wane, old habits return, and so does the weight. There are lots of reasons for this.  What can we do about it?

Thanks for reading, and all the best for a healthy New Year!


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