Take Charge and Take ACTION!

Stressed? Afraid? Anxious? Take Charge and Take ACTION!

It would not surprise me to find out that many people are now struggling with how to make the best of a temporary but frightening “new normal” that has been brought about by the spread of COVID-19.

As an exercise and nutrition coach, I have to put in my two cents.

First let me say that in my coaching experience and in the materials we coaches study, there is often a caveat given that applies to our current situation. That is, when people are going through a particularly stressful time or making big changes, it is NOT the time to push for a new exercise program or a change of diet.

Having said that, I think that the uniqueness of this situation calls for some unique coping strategies. There are lots of ways to take action that include doing what we can to help others, finding new ways to stay connected, or finally putting more time into our hobbies and interests.

But let’s home in on diet and exercise.

Many of us may be blocked from our regular routine of going to the gym, rec center, or attending a class. On top of that, we may be tempted to eat more out of stress, or even boredom. Both of these scenarios may leave us worse off once this crisis ends (and it WILL end!).

Let’s be reminded of a few things:

  1. Exercise is good for STRESS REDUCTION and IT BUILDS IMMUNITY. Last time I looked, it is still OK to take a walk, go for a run, or get in some biking. We just have to follow the rules of social distancing. What better way to get out there, maybe interact with a few people, and get yourself healthier all at once? And, we are currently very lucky that the weather is getting better each day, at least here in the Northern Hemisphere.
  2. Eating well also is a boost to your health. NOW is the time to make sure what you are consuming is healthy, not processed, and full of vitamins and minerals. This way of eating gives you more energy, boosts immunity, and helps maintain your weight (or even lose some).
  3. NOW is a good time to focus on your health. We are all trying to do our bit for everyone by keeping social distancing and sheltering in place. In addition to focusing on the heath of our society and world, let’s add in our own health and do what we can to stay active, and eat healthy foods. It’s good for you, and good for all of us.

SUGGESTIONS: Check out my blog from last week for some exercise at home ideas. Also, my blog, The Science of Walking: It’s Really THAT Good!  For those of you who find it hard to stay motivated, there’s my book, Lose Weight? Exercise More? I Don’t Think So!, which includes a useful list of related books in the reference section.

Stay well and take healthy actions,

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