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Here’s some Funky Holiday Advice!

Greetings all,

OK, I can’t help myself. Here are a few bits of funky holiday advice that you may not find anywhere else. It’s just that I want to keep you healthy and moving this month, no matter what! I know it can be a pain to think about along with everything else, but these items do not take any extra time, I promise.

So here goes:

  1. If you are stressing because you have so many people that you only get in touch with this time of year, drop them an email that says you are thinking about them and you will catch up in January. Then go for a walk.
  2. When you go to a party and there are all sorts of tempting treats, FIRST pick out what is actually going to be nutritious and eat some of that. THEN, take a gander at the rest of the stuff, pick out a few treats that you really, really, know you are going to love, and go for it. Eat them slowly and savor the moment.
  3. If you are asked to bring something to a party, try to make it healthy, low sugar, low flour. Sorry, but water chestnuts wrapped in bacon or salmon/cream cheese pinwheels don’t qualify. You may feel like a spoilsport for doing this, but trust me, there will be plenty of unhealthy treats around. Think of it as taking a stand. Go you!
  4. Before you start wrapping packages or cooking or whatever, do the six exercises I gave you last week (hope you kept them…if not, you can find them on my website as a recent blog post under Exercise Basics). You may be amazed to find that whatever you do after that goes faster, and you feel more excited about it.

So that’s it! We are in the thick of it now! Hang in, think healthy thoughts, and keep moving!

Kristen Carter

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