Do Dairy Products Help Us Burn Fat?

You may have been hearing that individuals consuming foods containing calcium can positively affect the amount of fat that they burn. What’s up with this?

There appears to be more and more research supporting the finding that dieters who eat three to four servings of calcium-rich dairy foods daily lose more fat and less muscle than do dieters who consume less dairy.

Why would this be? Research has shown that calcium within cells plays a role in the regulation of fat storage, that a diet high in calcium turns more calories into heat than to fat, and even that a calcium-rich diet contributes to fat loss in the stomach area.

One caveat: the calories you consume during the day still need to be within your non-weight-gaining budget. In other words, you still cannot consume more calories than you need and expect to lose body fat.

But, since calcium-rich diets have also been linked to keeping bones strong and lowering blood pressure, it would seem prudent to try to integrate more low fat calcium options into your diet. Stay tuned as more research is done in this area.

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