Fitness for Golf? It’s All About Plastic!


We all know how frustrating it is trying to change our golf swing or putting stroke. It can feel like something is against us, leaving us wondering why it is so hard to change. We know that it is possible to improve.  But how?

There are all kinds of methods that people use to improve golf performance.  These include training aids to guide your swing into the right place, visual aids, drills, and, of course, golf lessons. Many of us have tried some or all of these methods, but have not been happy with the results.  Why?

Here is an important principle to consider.  Your body’s movement skills are a key factor in changing or improving your golf game.  Development of movement skills is tremendously complex.  An area of your brain, called the motor cortex, controls overall coordination and planning of body movements. This planning is the result of input from several other areas of your brain – areas that gather information from muscles, joints, and related structures.  Your brain then establishes motor patterns or pathways based on movements that are used a lot. This principle explains why athletes tend to pick up skills quickly.  They have already established more motor patterns than the rest of us.

The key concept here is that your central and peripheral nervous systems are PLASTIC – meaning they have the capacity for continuous change in response to experience. Plasticity is the reason why you can establish new motor patterns with training.

Golf Fitness

A major contributor to plasticity is the use of exercise to reinforce new patterns related to movements and balance used during the golf swing.

How to do this?  Check out the fitness section in golf magazines for guidance, online sites dedicated to golf fitness, and consult with a qualified golf fitness professional for an evaluation and guidance regarding exercise that will translate to better golf.

Fitness can mean longer drives, improved accuracy and more consistent performance.  Golf fitness – its all about plastic!

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