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This assessment is for those who have tried before to have healthier eating habits, lose weight, or exercise more, but have gotten very frustrated with the process or the results.

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Why do so many people struggle to eat right and exercise consistently when it seems to come so naturally to others? 

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Forget the idea that you have to sign on to a restrictive diet or rigorous exercise plan in order to lose some weight and feel more energetic.  Discover how you can choose an acceptable lifestyle that balances desire with health.  Find a way that allows YOU to be in control of your choices, and discover solutions that fit into YOUR life. 
The End of Try Try Again starts with understanding how we form habits and why they can be so difficult to break.  This book explains how our brains and bodies work so that we can work with them, not against them.

It’s easy to get frustrated when you want to change your habits. Find out what can get in the way. Overcome your weight loss and exercise struggles for good!