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Why do so many people struggle to eat right and exercise consistently when it seems to come so naturally to others? 

A new Path To Success

The End of Try Try Again lays the foundation for re-framing the whole mess of diet and exercise.  It is a research based, no-nonsense path to follow for those who have struggled in the past to reach a goal of losing some weight and exercising more.  It cuts through the hype, and explains what really can work and why.

Based on extensive research, it explains why making big changes to how we eat and what exercise we do is complicated. Little wonder that many of us have difficulty making changes that last longer than a few months.

But that does not mean it can’t be done! My book explains how our brains and bodies work so that we can work with them, not against them.

My book presents a clear, step-by-step way to finally break away from old thoughts and habits and embrace new, healthy behaviors that will stay with you into the future.

The End of Try Try Again Action Workbook is the companion book to The End of Try Try Again.  Both books are for anyone who has tried repeatedly to lose weight and exercise more, only to fall back to old ways.  The book provides the awareness of where we can go wrong and then leads the way to a new approach.  The workbook follows on from there and gives you a step-by-step way to implement that new approach. 

Kristen Carter, MS
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What’s Your #1 Block To Eating Right and Exercising More?

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Take This FREE 2-Minute Quiz To Find Out “YOUR #1 Block To Eating Right And Getting More Exercise.”

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