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What is the RIGHT fitness formula for you?

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Meet Kristen Carter, MS - Your Online Fitness Coach

Online physical fitness and personal training coach Kristen Carter helps you get the most out of exercise and nutrition using personalized training programs. Kristen specializes in comprehensive courses for starting and sustaining your fitness habit..

Fitness Foundation Formula
Online Physical Fitness Program
  • Tired of dropping out of exercise programs?
  • Feeling lost or overwhelmed as to where to start?
  • Wondering why you are never able to stick with it?

I have created the Fitness Foundation Formula™ because I see so many people with these same dilemmas. It seems that whatever solutions are out there are not really working for people! Too many people are left with their hopes for themselves dashed again and again. There is not enough guidance, and there is no comprehensive plan. Little wonder that dropping out is almost an epidemic! I have seen again and again that hope and willpower are not the answer. See you online! Kristen Check It Out!

What Approach Will Boost Your Results the Most?


Think before you leap! Set yourself up to achieve your goals.

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Exercise Basics

Start with the right foundation to build your best fitness.

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Movement & Flexibility

Get the most out of any exercise you do and become more flexible.

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What food can do for your health and fitness.

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